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An international non-profit that aims to meet the needs of training and education in the fields of education for children, health care, and security that meets internationally recognized standards, as well as expertise and training for the construction of a migrant center in Tamaulipas (North Border at first step ) with adequate sleeping, medical, and psychological care, space for educational and recreational activities. FSF-IHCE fosters an environment of peace by engaging in direct action to protect the rights of migrants and refugees via advocacy, education, and training through building a social awareness. ​

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We are looking for anyone who can volunteer at the US-Mexico border to help FSF-IHCE Team educate refugees and migrants and empower them to defend their rights.

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Help us in our efforts to help any refugee or asylum seeker who is in need at the US-Mexico border.

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You can help us preserve the human dignity of migrants by joining forces with us.

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    Founder FSF-IHCE

    Thomas B. Weiss

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    Beatrice Cuzin


    Col Claude Lefebvre

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